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Last Update: 14 May 2017
The ECPM newsletter is back !!!  It has been policy to keep newsletters available for a year.

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January 2017
The post-New Year meeting; Andy's water tanker moves along, John Bazzle has a truck and a garage, Jim Harriett wants the Zoukei-Muru Skyraider, and John Ratzenberger has his SMW/Telford builds lined up. Click here.
December 2016
A small pre-holiday meeting spent mostly discussing Andy's Chris Craft restoration project. Click here.
November 2016
A slow quarterly build meeting. Click here.
October 2016
We cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew.
September 2016
A record meeting with nine members and two prospective members !!! Click here.
August 2016
The post-IPMS Nats "chest-thumping" plus our quarterly build meeting. Click here.
May 2016
The "I have some pix but lost my notes" edition ... Click here.
April 2016
Combined March/April meeting; AMPS convention report; ECPM wins Best Chapter Display. Click here.
February 2016
The quarterly build meeting, lightly attended. Click here.

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