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Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers
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Last Update: 12 December 2018

Member Name Since Other Membership
John Bazzle 2009
Rob Brackin 2018 Treasurer, IPMS
Mark Dice 1992 IPMS, AMPS
Andy Fulcher 1995 Treasurer, IPMS(Sr Nat'l Judge), AMPS(Nat'l Judge)
Jim Gower 2018
Joe Gray 1996
David Hamilton 2018
Jim Harriett 2011 IPMS, AMPS
Dan Kornegay 2015 AMPS(Nat'l Judge), IPMS
David Mohr 2015 IPMS
John Nevill 2018
John Ratzenberger 2004 IPMS(Sr Nat'l Judge), AMPS(Nat'l Judge/ACJ), AMPS Chapter Contact, IPMS(UK) Classic British Kits SIG, Nautical Research Guild, National Free Flight Society (Flying Aces Club)
Jay Roig 2013
Mark Sandvigen 2018 IPMS Chapter Contact, IPMS
Mitchell Smith 2018
David Stiteler 2017
Alan Welch 2017 Webmaster

Effective 1 January 2016, the old format, where clicking on a member's name took you to their page has been disabled.
We have been unable to keep either the data or the structure maintained over the years and it's easier this way.
One day, when we figure out where this is all going and how we'll get there, we'll give it another shot.

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