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Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers
New Bern, NC
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Last Update: 15 Sep 2016

Our next meeting is a Regular Meeting,
12pm-2pm, Saturday, 17 Sep -- details here.

2016 Calendar Extract

IPMS Region 2 Convention
9/30-10/1, (Pungo) Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach, VA.
Free Time Fall Festival
8 Oct, Free Time Hobbies, Blue Ridge, GA.
South Carolina Modelers Assoc 18th Annual
15 Oct, N.Charleston, SC.

and that's it, until the first sign of spring ....
Old Dominion Open on the 27th of Feb in Richmond, VA
Go to our Calendar for more details and events.

If you are a modeler in Eastern North Carolina, come visit us.
About Us & our Meeting Info

Other items

Long ago this website relied on some Javascript to display thumbnails which, when clicked, provided a nice window with a bigger image. Well, Bill & friends managed to break that somehow (pop-ups & such) and all that came up was a full window with an 80% image that you had to click a 2nd time to fill the window. Anyway, I quit trying to fix it and just stopped doing images but I surrender, we'll go back to the old way, so ....
Click on the thumbnail, you'll get a full window but an 80% image. Click that image and you'll get the full one. It's good exercise, I suppose.

I've also reverted to a previous format and color scheme with a lighter background. It'll take me a few newsletters to get back in the groove, particularly note-taking at meetings, so suggestions are welcome.

John R, Webbie ...


What's New ???

We are now a chapter of both IPMS & AMPS.
See our About Us page for more info.

ECPM wins Best Table Display at AMPS 2016 !!
Pix in the April newsletter.

ECPM wins 2016 Best Website for R-12 & IPMS !!
Pix in the August newsletter.

Newsletters are back !!
And we've added newsletters from other IPMS Chapters.

Well, you will see that we're starting to revert our new look to an older format.

The main page is no longer a bargain rate newsletter -- we've got the newsletter page back in operation with only a few missing from this year; we won't talk about that. It'll take a bit to get back in the swing of things.

We have added new content also -- Andy Fulcher has been receiving, through IPMS, newsletters from various chapters and rather than mail them out, we are putting them up here for all to enjoy. It's experimental, provide some feedback -- and let me know if there are any problems.

The intent is that this page get a tad bit longer, maybe a few pix, listing perhaps recent updates to the website -- newsletters, articles, etc -- but since this update has all the newsletters and I haven't done much with articles recently and am running a bit late right now, we'll just kick it out the digital door now.

The End: See you next meeting.

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